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Government of India
Ministry of Communication & Information Technology
Department of Information Technology
National Informatics Centre
Government of India, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology National Informatics Centre (NIC), Bijapur, a unit of Premier IT organisation of the country was established in the year 1988 with an aim to provide computerisation support to the local government system. The office was set up in District Magistrate's office premises. The initial task was to generate computer awareness among the local government officials and encourage them to use NICNET communication facility. NIC Bijapur has come a long way since its inception. The district unit is involved in various computerisation Projects catering the needs of the District Administration, Zilla Panchayat and other state/central government departments. The district unit also played a major role towards e-governance.

Details of Dist Informatics Officer :

Shri Shivanand B Gugawad DIO & Scientist-C

e-mail id: karbij@nic.in Phone # (08352)-276577

List of Projects Developed and Implemented by NIC Bijapur
Sl No Name Of Project Administration
Arms Licensing Information System DC SP Tahashildar Offices and all Police Stations
1 MMR ZP Office
2 KDP ZP Office
3 SDP ZP Office
4 E-Yojane ZP Office
5 Samanya Mahithi ZP Office
6 Ashraya Housing Schemes ZP Office
7 BPL- Sarva Kutumba Samikshe ZP Office
8 Panchatantra ZP Office
9 Worksoft ZP Office
10 NREGA ZP Office
11 ZP - TP - GP Elections ZP Office
12 SHG ZP Office
13 e-swathu All GPs
1 RMIS DC Office
2 Ration Card and LPG Consumer Mapping DC Office
3 FIST DC Office
4 Official District Web Site DC Office
5 Bhoomi DC Office
6 MLA, MP, MLC, ULB Elections DC Office
7 Student Internet World-2003 to 2010.. DC Office
8 RTI DC Office
9 Worksoft - Rejenuvation of Tanks DC Office
10 Ayudha DC Office
11 Meghavarsha DC Office
1 Vahan Sarathi RTO Office
2 Confonet Consumer forum
3 E - Courts District and Taluk Courts
4 SMIS Social Welfare Department
5 RSK Agriculture
6 E - Mamata Health Department
7 Bhagyalaxmi Women and Children department
8 AHVS Task Force AHVS department
9 NADRS AHVS department
10 VATSoft Commercial Tax Dept
11 WEBPASS SP Office Passport Cell
12 IDSP Health department
14 E-Granthalaya Mahila University Library and Secab College
15 Sahakar Darpana Project Co-operative audit department
16 Postal Network Post Offices
17 E - Attendance Hostels
18 Technical Support All Government departments
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